Gallery Layout

  • Hanging space on walls indicated by blue line

  • All walls cream-colored except for the one noted 15.5' red wall

  • Height of usable wall space on 52' wall is 6.5' due to heating unit on lower part of wall

  • Height of all other usable wall space is 87"


edge gallery 1.jpg

Hanging System

  • wall-mounted track

  • moveable metal hangers for horizontal positioning

  • adjustable hooks that slide up and down for vertical positioning


Three Dimensional Display pedestals

15"l x 15"w x 24"h  (5 pedestals)
18"l x 18"w x 36"h  (3 pedestals)
20"l x 20"w x 36"h  (1 pedestal)
20"l x 20"w x 48"h  (3 pedestals)
24"l x 24"w x 24"h  (2 pedestals)